Hi There! I hope you all have been keeping warm as the “snowpocalypse” runs its course. Anyway, I’m writing this post to encourage you all to set your eyes among the hills and go for your biggest dreams.  How does one do that, you ask? Well, here goes….

Identify Your Long Term Goals

Your dream job, your dream college, your dream c– well you get the picture. As for myself, I want to be a doctor and study Biochemistry in the UK.  These are the biggest dreams on my “Lifetime To-Do List” aka Bucket List. That is exactly what I suggest that you all make, a list. Here’s an example of mine…

Now would you look at that penmanship (sarcasm, haha). Anyway, these care in no particular order, I just wrote whatever came to my mind. 

Identify Your Short Term Goals

Whether it be drink more water or spend less time on those time consuming social media sites, goal are goals. However, I encourage you to make short term goals that will bring you closer to your biggest dreams. Before 2016, I had a heart to heart with myself. I’m going to college next Fall and as we all know, it is no cheap investment. So, I not only plan to attend, but I plan to excel; this marked one of the first items on my “Short-Term To-Do List”. Here it is…

Excuse my handwriting (LOL), but hopefully you get the point. Also, these are in no particular order and I will adjust the list as time progresses.

Not Feeling the Lists?

Make a vision board!! A vision board is a fun projection of whatever would be on your lists of goals. For the sake of organization, I would still make the lists, but to each his/her own. For some inspiration, I have included a link to Pinterest

Now, for grand finale… Drum roll, please?  Seriously, if you’re anything like me, thinking about your future gets you pretty excited. If you’re a lot like me, you may forget that life has detours. As much as we’d like to think so, we don’t have as much control over our lives as we think we do. So, if an obstacle happens to slow down you meticulously curated journey of reaching your goals, don’t give up. Focus and work harder… You got this!! 

As always thanks for reading!


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