At this very moment, I have about 107 days until graduation (June 10, 2016, at 10 am). Yes, I am counting… senioritis is real y’all! Anyway, this weekend I had the joy of going to VCU’s open house. I went when I was a junior, but at the time I had already written VCU off of my college list; It’s funny how life changes right? Here’s a bit of a rundown of how the day went…

~7:45: My family and finally made it to the Siegel Center. This was pretty much an easy task considering two things:  we’re often late for things and Open House was held on the same day as the UofR vs. VCU Game.

7:50: We checked in and I received my welcome package that included an itinerary, dining passes, and a complimentary 10% discount at the Barnes and Noble located on campus 🙂

7:55-9:00: We entered the arena and found some seats, they had some type set up of different programs that VCU has to offer, it almost reminded me of a career fair. VCU’s programs are so vast, this was only a snapshot of the school, to say the least. 

9:00: The welcoming ceremony started around this time. We were formally greeted by the school’s president Michael Rao, Ph.d and a current student, who is starting medical school at VCU in August.

9:15ish: It was time for breakout sessions. Before we could leave we had to turn-up…literally. I’m not sure of the person’s name, but he would not let us go to our sessions until we were hype enough haha.

9:45: We went to the School of Social Work first. I’m so glad we did because I skipped breakfast and they had coffee and sugar shack waiting for us… the way to my heart!! We listened to the ladies speak to us about the program and what we can get out of it. I thought is was okay, but I see myself being more hands on with patients literally. That said, I don’t think social work is for me :/

11:30: We headed down the street to the Trani Life Center to learn about the Biology department. Yes, finally. As a declared Biology major, I was thrilled to meet one of my future professors. As she spoke about what would be expected from a student in the department, I started to reflect on my work ethic in high school. Simply put, I’m gonna have to make some changes if I want to academically “slay” in the next four years. Whatever it takes, I’m ready to rise to the occasion.

Me and my sisters after we ate lunch at Shafer’s

12:45ish: LUNCH!! Just like last time, we ate at Shafer, it’s a buffet style dining hall. Unlike last time, I paid more attention to the students and the faculty. It seems like a homely place to come and have a meal, however, some students on social media have said some negative things about it. I guess I’ll have to figure it out for myself when I get there. 

2:00: We went to the University Student Commons and waited to tour the dorms. We went to Brandt, Rhoads. and Johnson. These are all Freshmen dorms and all of them are traditional style except for Brandt, which is suite-style. We couldn’t take pictures for the protection of the students currently living there, but they were nice and spacious. When I get there in the Fall, I’ll be sure to make up for it 🙂

2:45-3:00: We went to the bookstore and used the discount that I mentioned earlier. My mom got me this cute, insulated water bottle… Thanks, Mom!

“Mom, you’re the real MVP!!”

3:15: Time to go home!! I’m gonna miss this place; it’s 20 minutes away from home, but it still feels so far!!

Before I go, remember those guys from that #BlackExcellence video I posted? I had the pleasure of meeting them at the “opportunities fair” this day!! I’m pretty sure they have recognized the impact they’ve made with their video, so they were as stoked for this picture as I was!! 

Before this picture, I actually just walked on by them, then I realized who they were! Also, excuse my appearance, it was early lol

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share the rest of my VCU journey with you all!!


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