CP (colored people) time was the source of all of our problems yesterday for my sisters’ Sweet 16 party. Between hair, make up, and decorations, we were at least 2 hours behind!! I have to say, Patrice and Chinae have some good friends because they helped us set up as they arrived at the party. Despite us planning for this all white affair months in advance, we had no idea how many surprises we would face the day of. We had issues at Kroger where we picked up the food and the cashier had charged my mom twice for one thing, then my mom almost left her wallet in the cart, then Patrice hair appointment ran late so we had to reschedule her make up appointment which also ran a little late. I wanted to rip my hair out by the time it was all over.  Despite this chaos, we still had fun watching our hard work pan out in fruition. My dad was on the kitchen committee (peep his fit below), and my uncle was on the turn tables and photography( this is all of his work btw).

What a great way to kick off Spring Break ’16

Dab on ’em

They had performances and Chinae killed “Children’s Story” with her friend

Patrice and my youngest sister, Brianna, did a dance medley

My dad and his chef ‘fit

Again, this was the funniest thing ever!!

Another one of Patrice killin’ the game!!

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