From left to right: Chinae, Patrice, and Me

Today my sisters and I competed in the 2016 Blacks in Government Oratorical Competition. We spoke on the topic of Racial Injustice and everyone we competed against was soooo good!! I was the last one to go and my speech went by so fast I was skeptical about meeting the minimum time, but I did (barely). Despite this, I managed to place second…this would be my third time in a row. I was happy, but I was overcome with joy when my little sister, Patrice, placed first.

When she got up to get her award, she cried tears of joy. I’m not gonna lie, I did too because I know how hard she worked for that moment. Since I’m a senior, this was my last year competing, so I’m counting on my sisters to keep up the good work. Also, after the competition we were able to take a stroll through the museum and it’s pretty cool.

From Left to Right: Brianna, Patrice, Me, Chinae, and Mom

Looking Good: Fashion in Virgina, 1930-1970

The architecture was so nice!
 And here’s my Plaque!!


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