As of June 10th, I am officially a High School Graduate *money dances* and ever since then, I had no idea what to do with myself. One day, as I slept my life away I dreamt of what it meant to be productive. My personal list is pretty strenuous and it includes: blogging more, reading, packing for Acceleration, and binge watching some new shows. Only two of these things is actually practical, packing and reading, simply because it takes me a while to come up with some “bloggable” content and I’m a restless person, so binge watching is a no-go. 

Today, I have a list of things that all of us could do to make sure we’re making the most of our Summertime before we sail off to College, or wherever else our chosen paths take us.


This one is pretty obvious. Most of us are going to college, which isn’t a cheap endeavor, so making a little extra money is important. I feel like it’s important to save more and spend less, however this may be hard because of dorm shopping and just pre-college expenses in general. If you have problems with money management I suggest that you use your online banking system or an app, like this one.


I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I can’t afford to let my brain go on vacation. In order to keep it sharp, I’ve been reading. I had a hard time completing any leisure reading due to retired readings for school. Now that I have time, I can finally get around to exploring my interests. If you don’t have a library card I suggest you go get one. That way, you’re not buying a book that you don’t even like. I have already read “Everyone Should Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it was wonderful. I’m currently working my way through “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander. I’m working a post reviewing both these books and whatever else I read, so stay tuned!


There’s nothing like giving back to the community. I’ve volunteered at local hospitals and charity events in the past. There is this cool website, Volunteer Match, that lets you track down volunteer opportunities near you. Some of the results may be long or short term and they are personalized to suit your interests. It even lets you put in the dates you want. I personally find community service to be fulfilling because it makes me feel that I have purpose; it’s highly inspiring.


…Or any shopping really; you just have to make sure your coins are in order first. I have yet to find the items I need for my dorm because procrastination, but this online shop, Dorm it Up, has done it for me. I suggest you link up with your roommate and find out what you can and cannot have before you go making any big purchases. However, you can always go shopping for what you need for your side of the dorm, of course.


Most of us are at the age where we can travel on our own, so this one could work. Go to the beach, visit family, go visit a national monument. The possibilities are endless, but again, make sure your money is right first. If you have trouble planning use Pinterest or Travel Advisor. I’m using both to plan my Spring Break trip and I found so much helpful information.


I discourage this even though this is what I’ve been doing at least 3-4 days out of the week. I usually end up mad at myself because I wasted a whole day doing nothing. For those of you going to college, this may be appealing because you might as well get it while you can. I look at as making up for all the sleep I lost doing the school year.

Most Importantly…

Spend time with your family. We all heard the news earlier this week and it is heart breaking. Make sure you spend time with your family while you can. At my graduation one of the speakers said something that I’ll never forget, “There are no phone calls to heaven”. 

On a lighter note, have FUN and be SAFE!! 

P.S: because I’m curious, comment what you plan on doing below!


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