So much has changed since I last posted:

  1. I moved into my dor-, oh I mean my “residence hall” 
  2. I made more friends 
  3. I went to my first house party and a club… all in one night (I don’t think I get brownie points for this though because I think this is the norm)
  4. I claimed “my spot” in the library
  5. I got a job
  6.  *drumroll please*
  7. Frank Ocean finally dropped his album! 

Seriously, I’ve only been on campus for a week and I feel like I’m morphing into a better person. This sounds cheesy, but imagine who I’ll be nine months from now when Freshmen year is over. Below, I listed some goals that I want to complete by the time this year is over. 

  1. Make at least a 3.8 GPA
  2. Join 3 clubs and get on an e-board of at least one
  3. Improve money management 
  4. Got to the gym at least 3 times a week & take a class
  5. Get into leisure reading
  6. No more soda!!
  7. Big chop!!!
  8. Grow blog traffic
  9. Continue Community Service
  10. Set effective study schedule 
  11. Apply to Honors College and hopefully get in

God willing, I’ll be updating this post by crossing off the things that I accomplish. I can’t wait to report my progress later on. I hope you guys found the inspiration to make your own list so we can collectively work towards greatness. 

Until next time…



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