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I’m super stoked because I move in my dorm next Sunday *internally screams*.  There has been so much preparation on this end it’s crazy. It’s August, so I imagine that there are tons of people getting ready to head back to school and it’s been proven that one’s academic success depends on time management. I suck at this by the way. I know the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to fix this, but lack of motivation gets me every time. For this post, I decided to round up some planners that include both: 1) time management and 2) motivation.  I linked them all and I hope you guys find this useful.

1. The Passion Planner

Price: $25 to $35

What’s so great about it?:I used this planner for my senior year of high school and what attracted me to it was it’s 30-minute breakdown pages. As seen in the photo, you can get it at two different sizes and I think they come in five colors now (i.e. turquoise, burgundy, blush, brown, and black). There are motivational sections throughout and even a section that’s dedicated to all of the good things that happened to you for the week. Also, the reflection pages at the end of each month was kind of like a journal to me. 

Personal Review: I think this was a bit too advanced for my little high school self partly because I didn’t really have a life, but mainly because I didn’t get too much of a say-so of how I spent my time in HS. I think it’ll be great for college though. Also, the pages are all black and white so it got a little boring to use after a while.

2. ban.do

Price: $20-$32

What’s so great about it?: Okay so, this one’s a little bit more fun. The pages are extremely colorful and they have cute little messages on them. I recently bought this one. I’m a bit ashamed to say how much I paid for it, well until now at least, but I figured the hole it burnt in my pockets would be reason enough for me to use it. I love the laminated tabs, the folder in the front, the monthly/weekly breakdown, important dates page and the abundance of notes pages. There’s even a coloring page in the back, oh and stickers. Now that I’m writing this, this planner almost sounds like it’s meant for kids but I think it’s perfect for the high school to college transitioner. 

3. Day Designer

Price: $6-$15

What’s so great about it?: The designs are fun and it’s not as extravagant as the ban.do planner. So I’ll say it’s a bit more mature, but not boring. There is a monthly/weekly breakdown and the weekly breakdown includes to-do boxes next to each day. There are also little inspirational quotes, a box for you to write down things you’re grateful for each month, and space for notes.

4. Sugar Paper

Price: $8-$20

What’s so great about it?: These planners look super easy to use. So if you’re the planning type but also a minimalist then this is for you. There is a page for notes and to-do lists. Like the other’s it comes with monthly/weekly breakdown pages. 

Not trying to buy a planner?

I know plenty of people who don’t care for the planners that are issued to them by their schools and there are other people who aren’t trying to spend money on a planner as well. This is perfectly fine; there are free printable planning sheets out there, here are a few. 

Day Designer 

Sara Laughed

The Organized Dream

There’s even apps!!!

Planner Pro – Daily Calendar, Task Manager & Personal Organizer
Pocket Schedule – Class Schedule, Homework Planner & School Organizer 
myHomework Student Planner
Calendars by Readdle – sync with Google Calendar, manage events and tasks


I’m ending this post with a video from one of my biggest inspirations, Laura Lacquer. In it, she’s sharing some of her time management skills. She’s a wife, mother, and doctor; she seems to manage all three tasks just fine so she’s well versed on the subject matter. 


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