Hey guys!

I’m taking a quick study break to document my first week of classes and oh, was it an emotional roller coaster. The first day I managed to make it to the right building for math class, then I ended up in the wrong classroom. Shortly after, I was smacked with textbook and access code requirements, but other than that everything has been great. Here’s a short recap of my first week:

  1. We had the SOVO fair which is an event where most, if not all, of the school’s student organizations pitch themselves to us Freshmen.  
  2. I found out the true meaning of “Broke College Students” after purchasing my textbooks… yippee.
  3. I packed all of the important dates from each syllabi to my planner (this took forever, but it was well worth it)
  4. I’m buried under textbook readings
  5. I almost fell victim to one of VCU’s many treacherous sidewalks
  6. I almost got stuck in an elevator
  7. I successfully completed my first networking event 
  8. I’m well on my way to the Freshmen 15 thanks to unhealthy, late night dinners of course
  9. Oh, I almost forgot… *cues drumroll*…  I was featured on VCU’s Facebook page!!

Hopefully as I get into more of routine I can blog more frequently, but until then thanks for stopping by and back to the grindstone I go.



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