Another Chasza McCaskill creation

So, I spontaneously decided to take a break from social media. It’s nothing serious, I just felt like it’s holding me back from reaching my maximum productivity level…if you know what I mean. I feel like I’ve become to dependent. I could pick up my phone to check my missed calls, then I’ll end up on Twitter for like two hours. Even worse, I could be reading Sociology, I’ll get through 2 1/2 pages, and then I’ll pick up my phone to check my likes on IG. I know social media can be great in moderation, but it’s one more method of procrastination that I do not need. During my hiatus, I hope to see more efficiency and maybe even earlier bedtimes, who knows. Anyway, I plan to be “gone” for a full week and once that week is up, I’ll be reporting it here on the blog. 

Talk to you later. 


PS: There will be no WGW this week; I’ll pick back up next week


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