“And I know I promised that I couldn’t stay, baby / Every promise don’t work out that way…” -Beyonce

Photo Credit: The Roomie, Chenel.

Y’all. Trying to break free from social media has been harder than I thought it would be… so much harder. When I wrote this post, I was being a little too ambitious. It was after midnight, I was stressed and, I figured it was time for a change. I deleted all of the social media apps on my phone and continued to study for my Bio exam and by the way, I got an A that test. Anyway, I didn’t consider the effects of what I had done. (I know, how dramatic.) The next day and the day after, I quickly learned that without the use of social media I had so much time on my hands. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I figured I’d blog through it, spend the excess time studying, or reading, but I didn’t want to continue to overwhelm myself with work.

So then what?

I cheated. I used my computer to check all of my feeds, yes all of them. I couldn’t even last a week. I guess on a positive note, I did make these things less accessible so that has to count for something right? My thing is, why couldn’t I last for a full seven days? I think it was FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I couldn’t see what my high school buds were up to, I couldn’t read my mom’s nostalgic Facebook novels, or my little sister living her new licensed life. I felt isolated. Again, I know I’m probably being dramatic, but I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks. I do feel like I’m less dependent on social media to consume my time, instead I watch documentaries, study, or clean. I hope that one day I can get up to the point where I can spend a whole week with absolutely no social media, but until then… baby steps only.


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