“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

I can’t believe that it’s already Thanksgiving! I’m really trying to make an effort to slow down and try to maintain a leveled head considering that next semester all of my courses are coming by the boatload.    That being said, for this post I’m reflecting on all of the things that I’m grateful for and hopefully after reading you’ll want do the same.

My Family: 

They’re my internal motivation; whenever I question why I’m working so hard or whether this path is really for me, I think of them. I have younger sisters that look up to me and (grand) parents who have sacrificed so much to help me get where I am today. 

My Education: 

Not everyone has the opportunity to obtain a fruitful education, which is why I’m thankful for this privilege. I think of Malala, a brave young woman who put her life on the line in order to receive an education. I think of those in under-served communities and how they’re not given the same resources to thrive like I did at a highly-ranked school. I’m fortunate enough to go to a university that takes pride in giving their students the tools they need to succeed. As as student, it’s easy to get caught up in complaint about several due dates and long study hours, but I truly am blessed.

My Friends: 

In high school, I didn’t have very many friends, mainly because I didn’t think I fit in. Now that I’m in college, I’m surrounded by so many like-minded people who have backgrounds that mirror mine. We all look out for each other and it’s great to have such a great support system.

My Roommate: 

She’s the best… no, seriously. Last Spring, I was worried about my roommate situation considering I was doing random selection. Thanks to the Acceleration program, I got to live with her for a month which enabled us to get to know each other a little more. We’re basically one in the same and I couldn’t be happier. 

My Peace of Mind: 

I feel like my age group has so many people who are battling depression, anxiety– you name it. Especially in college where everyone wants to do well, the stress is everywhere! I’m glad that I have outlets like my blog, my roommate, and music, where I can vent and reflect on things that are bothering me. 

Many times it feels like there are so many things going wrong in our lives, we forget to reflect on the good things. Here’s a video from one of my faves that goes into that a little more:

Happy Thanksgiving!


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