Today’s my birthday! I’m finally 19 years old and it’s scary to say that I’m really creeping into adulthood. I originally wanted to do a post full of 19 fruitful things that I have learned throughout my life, then when the time came to write the post I found that I didn’t know that much. This just shows that I have a lot of living to do. However, I do know at least 8 things, so in honor of the number 8 being my birth date here goes…

1) Being an individual is a major key: This goes for anyone, whether you’re in high school, college, or not even in school at all. It takes a little more effort for me to be assertive about what I want as I’ve always been a bit bashful. I’ve been taking the necessary strides in making sure that I’m making decisions that are good for me and my future.

2) Your family is super important: As a senior in High school I was always infatuated with the idea of going to college and finally being “grown”. I chuckle as I type this because I was so naive. College is stressful and those weekly phone calls or little messages with my family keep level headed to say the least.

3) Live in the moment: I wrote a post a while back on a few of my regrets of high school where I touch on this briefly. I think I’m a little too career oriented at times which causes me to think far ahead all too often. I have to remind myself to slow down and appreciate the journey.

4) Try something new: I recently challenged myself to complete at least one DIY project a month. I found that I really enjoy painting; it’s very therapeutic for me. Hopefully, I become skillful enough to do canvas paintings. We shall see.

5) Stay in your lane: Worrying about too much of the wrong thing is bad… seriously. Paying too much attention to what the next person is doing is not a good look, especially since you can be using that time to work on yourself.

6) Sleep schedules are important: This probably sounds silly, but I’m serious. I currently don’t have a sleep schedule and I honestly feel it taking a toll on my body. I take naps throughout the day which cause me to stay up until 2 am some nights. The weekends are typically reserved for catching up on sleep and completing readings for the week. This has sort of become a cycle and as exams and other huge due dates pile on, I’m not sure when I can actually set an actual routine again.

7) Take advantage of your opportunities: I’m constantly thinking about my future; I try to make sure every little (and big, of course) thing I do benefits my future somehow.

8) Don’t be afraid to rise to the occasion: There have been so many things that I’ve wanted to turn away from because I thought they would be “hard”. I took those challenges head on and came out stronger than I was before. I think with this it’s important to know what you can handle, as you don’t want to stress yourself out.


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