I remember around this time last year, I was sitting in Physics wondering what a supply list for a college student looks like. I have the most random thoughts sometimes, I swear. Anyway, now that I’m close to finishing up my first semester of Freshmen year, it’s safe to say that I have a bit of an effective system going for myself. For this post, I’m sharing all of my school supplies… the essentials anyway. 

School supplies
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Backpack: As you’ll be able to tell in this post, I carry too many things to to have a book bag. My JanSport has been with me since senior year, so it’s still kinda new. It has a big section, a medium one, and three little ones. Oh, and a cupholder. It doesn’t have a laptop pocket though, which I think is kind of important as it is one of the main reasons why I don’t like taking my laptop to class. 

Computer: Online quizzes, LonCapa, papers, oh and Blackboard. Need I say more? The library has computers and laptops available, but it’s nice to have your own because you can do work on demand and type your notes during lecture. If you;re wondering, I have a macbook pro and I love it. 

iPad Mini: This is basically a mini version of my computer. If my book bag is almost to its fullest capacity, I opt for this. I have an app on it called, Evernote for note taking and I can pull up the lecture notes if I want.

Earbuds: This is pretty obvious right? For the sake of this post though, I use my earbuds for this thing called LaunchPad. It’s full of videos and the earbuds helps me block all the outside noise and focus on the content. 

Planner: I did a post on this a while back. My planner is a lifesaver as I can see the snapshot of my month in a one place and then break that down day by day of I want. As you can imagine, there are tons of due dates, many of them overlap

Five Star 5-Subject Notebook: I have a six classes this semester, but I only need a notebook for four. So, yeah my one-credit classes are paid dust in this sense. My notebook helps me keep all of my notes in place, so there’s no “oh no, I left my psych notebook back at the dorm”. I only have to grab one notebook for the day, that’s it. 

Binder: I hate binders, no seriously, I hate them. However, I needed one for my math workbook because it’s looseleaf. If I had a looseleaf textbook, I’ll be using it for that too. 

Pencil Pouch: The pencil pouch that I’m using has been my friend since, I wanna say, 8th grade; way back when my favorite color was green. It holds colored pencils, pens, a highlighter, and page flags. It stays in my book bag at all times, sometimes I forget that it’s there.

Folder: I’m famous for dumping all of miscellaneous papers in my book bag (this is horrible, I know), but this is college and that’s unacceptable. 

Sticky Notes: Major. major key. I use them to write down mini versions of my to-do lists, breakdowns of readings, and snapshots of essays. I have a “How I study” post in the works where I expand on this a little more, so stay tuned for that.

Pens: My favorite things ever. Pens are probably my favorite part of back to school shopping. *whispers* I get it from my mom. Anyway, I use pens to write my notes. My favorites are Paper-Mate Flair and Bic’s Cristal. They come in vibrant colors and they write oh, so smooth. 

Pencils: This is a must for math and any other work where you may or may not know what you’re doing. Endless mistakes are forgiven with pencils, why? Because they come with erasers!! I mostly use mechanical pencils because pencil sharpeners can be messy and annoying.. ugh. My faves are Bic’s 0.9mm because I write a little big and the thick lead is “big-writer” friendly. If I must use a wood pencil, I’m going Dixon Ticonderoga all the way, baby.

Page Flags: My Sociology professor is known for assigning 50+ page readings and unless I procrastinated, there’s no way I’m getting through it one sitting. (I take notes when doing this and it takes a total of five hours, just in case you were curious haha). I use page flags as bookmarks.  If I need a specific page for an essay, I use them to bring my attention to important ideas. They usually come in different colors, so they’re multipurpose.

Highlighters: I only have one of these for that “wow, I could really use a highlighter moment”. My colored pens have replaced any need for a highlighter, but you never know, you know?


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