Christmas List 2016

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I think it’s a good time for us to curate I Christmas lists, don’t you? This is my Christmas list with the reasons as to why I must have these “little” things. When curating my list,  I thought of how these items can be useful in my everyday life as a premed college student. 

Here goes:

  1. Fit Bit: My campus is huge, okay? I think it’ll be nice to keep track of the amount of the Freshmen 15 I’m burning off of my body or the amount of sleep I’m getting… or not getting.
  2. Bluetooth Speaker: My roommate and I like music, what am I kidding, all of suite mates really. Plus, I may be *crosses fingers* moving into a single next year, I need something that’ll help me blast my Solange a little louder. You feel me?
  3. Keurig: I like coffee, but coffee doesn’t like me. The single cup coffee maker will help me stay within my limits. One cup a day shouldn’t hurt right? Also, look at the color; I deserve!
  4. Nikes: Okay, these are pretty important. I walk at least a mile day, seriously, I do. From that perspective, I can never have too many pairs of sneakers… never!
  5. Flats: Oh, and what about those business casual events eh? The ballerina flats look so comfortable and would fit in that small space in the bottom of my closet. Not only that, they’re nude so they’ll go with anything.
  6. Charming Charlie Watch: If you peek a little closer you’ll see that there’s an A+ written on this watch. Imagine sitting in class and looking to see how much time is left before you can relieve yourself of the misery. This watch will serve as a little reminder for you to not just sit in class, but to actually engage and absorb as much of the material as possible. For that reason, I must have!

What do you want for Christmas?


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