So are we all just gonna ignore how cold it is?
In fact, it’s so cold, I don’t remember ever getting actual Fall weather. It can be tempting to just stay in a warm bed all day watching Netflix, but we have things that have to get done right? I suggest you take care of simple stuff that would often be sacrificed for heavier duties during the semester. For instance, get some leisure reading done, volunteer at one of your favorite organizations, or write some important dates down in your planner if your Professors happen to release the syllabi over the break. 

Here’s what I plan to do:

Get some blog posts done

School supply shopping


Speak at my old High School


Spend time with family

Keep a look out for Spring 2017 Syllabi

Jot down important dates in my planner

Family time… of course

What are your plans? 

Remember to take it easy though.

After all, it is break.

Happy Holidays!!


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