Stopping by to share a quick post on a running list of my favorite public health articles. I mentioned a little while back that I have an interest in public health, in which part of this interest was sparked by reading a few articles on the social determinants of health. 

Grab a snack and dive in!

Women’s Health:

Does Handing Out Sanitary Pads Really Get Girls To Stay In School?

Segregation Increases Black Women’s Risks for Severe Birth-Related Injuries

Health Disparities:

Finding Good Pain Treatment Is Hard. If You’re Not White, It’s Even Harder.

Mass Incarceration Is Making Infectious Diseases Worse
The death rate gap between urban and rural America is getting wider
Your Brain on Poverty: Why Poor People Seem to Make Bad Decisions

Is Racism ‘Saving’ Black People From Opioid Overdoses?

Gun violence spreads like an infectious disease, new research finds
Pediatricians take on new role: Fighting the bigotry and violence that hurts kids
One Percent of Cambodian Children Live in Orphanages Yet Have a Living Parent
Be sure to check back as I will be adding more!


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