I hope it’s not too soon to start mentally decorating my dorm for next semester–who am I kidding? Even if it is too early, I could care less because I need an escape from the torment this boredom is putting me through… truly. Pinterest and my cozy sweater from Target has helped me figure out that I like mustard yellow and pink… and grey…and deep blue. If you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of moths, you can see that it’s newest facelift is a reflection of these things. Oh, and I also have a new found affinity for elephants. All of these things will be thrown up in my room next semester, trust and believe that. Below, I’m sharing a few pins that I will be drawing inspiration from when the times comes for dorm shopping. 

For the bedding, I was able to find a mustard colored comforter with a (sort of) plum colored throw blanket. I think I’m gonna do a dark blue sheets set and pink pillow cases to create an overall sultry feel. I like being able to have options, so I’m going to get either a grey or deep blue comforter with the mustard and pink serving as the accent colors. 

Image via Adore Magazine
Image via Pieces of Paradise

For my desk area, I can’t really do much because that space is kind of tight and I need as much space as possible when I’m doing work. I’m going to get some of those locker shelves so I have somewhere to put books and I might get a laptop stand. I definitely want to get either a dry erase calendar or a regular calendar to hang on the wall. Also, I really need to look into some drawer organizers because if you could see what my drawers look like now… giiiirrllll. 

Image via The Greater Good
Image via The Girly Geek

For a little decoration, I want to add some succulent plants, solely because I don’t know how to keep a plant alive, and I want to hang some prints on the wall. Honestly, I could care less what the kitchen, bathroom, and living room looks like. I know that sounds bad and lazy, but as long as we have the necessary stuff, I’m good! I can’t wait until the day comes so I can share pictures of the actual product. 

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