My puff has grown so much since my big chop!

Back in November I (spontaneously) big chopped and I must say, I did have some regrets. I could no longer turn to my go-to hairstyle (two flat twists) on my lazy days and I could barely even get a full two strand twist out of my hair. By that time it was too late for all of that, I had already cut it; I had to figure out what I was going to do. I could have worn braids for a few months and just tracked my growth from there, but I just never got around to doing it. So, I’ve been wearing twist outs thrown up in my infamous puff. I found that my hair tends to be dry which is counterproductive when trying to grow hair, you know?

I’ve really been trying to find something that helps retain moisture. In the last month or so the Cream of Nature Olive Oil Hair Lotion has been good, but not as good as I wanted. Recently I ran across Alikay Naturals products in the drug store and my natural experience has elevated. 

I’ve been trying to find products that will moisturize my hair to my liking for, what seems like, the longest time. As soon as I thought I found my match, it’ll stop doing it’s job and before I knew it, I was back on the hunt. It’s so hard finding the right product for 4b-4c hair! I’ve been using Alikay Naturals for a little over a month now and my hair loves it.
I purchased the Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer and the Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner. Both products smell delectable, in fact, there’s a message on the moisturizer jar about how it shouldn’t be eaten! 

The Shea Yogurt is rich, but not thick; it looks whipped. When twisting my hair, I put a little bit of it on my finger and apply it from the root to the end of the section. I don’t use much because a little actually goes along way. As for the Leave in, I don’t use it everyday because it causes my hair to shrink and the whole purpose of me twisting my hair is to stretch it out some. I do use it after I wash or cowash, it definitely does a great job at hydrating my TWA.

Now, the products are a bit pricey. For both the Shea Yogurt and the Leave In, I spent a little over $30. However, I do think it’s worth the money and I am certainly going to try some of the other products; I’m going for the Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner, Curling Delight, and the Argan Oil  hair silkener next. I added lots of pictures so you all can see exactly what I’m talking about lol.

Alikay naturals review

Alikay naturals review
I shake the bottle before each use because the ingredients settle. 

These aren’t the best pictures, but you can see the definition of my twist out. I think it’s amazing!!

Throwback to Senior year of HS; cut and relaxed


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