Baltimore Harbor

This weekend I went on a road trip with my Granny to Baltimore! She originally wasn’t up for it, but she figured we might as well just go since she already paid for the tickets. I’m glad we did because I love Baltimore; there’s so much culture there. We visited the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum. Now, if you haven’t been to the wax museum, then I strongly suggest that you go and be sure to read each of the captions. I guarantee that you’ll learn something! Our group spent the rest of the day at the harbor. 

I hadn’t been to the harbor in so long, I forgot that they had so many shops and restaurants that we could choose from. The rustle and bustle of the harbor kind of reminded me of being back at school– so busy! All of the restaurants we went to had 45- 1 hour wait times, so we ended up getting Chipotle instead. This was a huge bummer because, well, you can get Chipotle from anywhere. Whatever, we made the most out of what we were given. After eating, my Granny and I made our way to Barnes and Noble. This B&N was the biggest one I’ve ever seen! I went in there to see of they had any planners– they didn’t– I ended up getting a weekly planner from this company called Punctual. I’m sure I’ll like it as it does seem more practical to tote around campus (maybe I’ll do planner post later). By the time we got out of B&N, it was almost time to go. I ended up getting an ice cream and we watched a couple of street performers for a little bit, then it was back to the bus we went. That’s where I found out that I’m an “old-young person”; it was a very enlightening moment, I must say lol. Overall, the trip made for a very exhausting, but impactful day. 

Below, I’m sharing a few of my favorite pictures from our visit:

While this was my second time visiting, I don’t remember ever seeing the youth exhibit. It was so inspiring! Also, do you peep my hair? Hair update coming soon 🙂
Glamour shots from the Harbor


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