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I was on campus last week for shadowing and you won’t believe how much walking I had to do! I also had a job interview that day which was about a mile away from my shadowing site, and a whole lot of other stuff going on– it was a lot. While I was making my way through the city, I started thinking about the things I had and (still needed) that made my little adventure a little easier. So for today’s post, I have a round up of shoes, bags, and other things that will make my cross campus trips a breeze and hopefully you’ll be able to find a use for them too.


Stating the obvious here, but comfortable shoes are the key to moving around the city. Here’s some stylish sneakers I found:

While we all immediately think of tennis shoes,what do you wear when you have to shadow and then go to a job interview right after? I’ll answer this. I wear flats, most of them have memory foam in them, but the ones I wore last week were just your traditional pair. 


I was never a bag person, but picked up a $10 tote bag from Walmart that made me change my mind. It has been a saving grace on multiple occassions and since I love it so much, I’m about to go ahead and upgrade. I’m also looking for a more accomadating backpack and think I might end up going for the “Jester” by Northface. I am in dire need of a laptop sleeve!!

Water Bottles//

I was doing so much running around on Tuesday and I didn’t even have my water bottle on me! Shame on me because it was actually hot and humid that day– I was barely making it. Anyway, here’s some water bottles that I wish I had last week. I think I’m gonna go for the Camelbak Chute becuase of the wide mouth and the hook at the top.

Rain Gear//

I’ve been caught in the rain so many times and have been drenched on each occasion. We got a lot of windy rain storms so I’m not even sure if an umbrella would have been enough to save me TBH. Here’s some things that I’ve noticed that other people have used to successfully weather the storms. I’m slowly but surely getting on board.

SN: I couldn’t get it in the widget, but I think backpack covers are important too. They’re like rain jackets for your bookbag and are supposed to keep water from seaping through.

That’s it for this round up, guys! Don’t be surprised if you see a few of these itmes on the blog/IG feed.
If you live or go to school in the city, what are some things that you use to make life a little easier?


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