Target beauty haul

Oh, Target… everyone’s weakness. I went in there to return this planner insert pack, but then I figured I might as well see what else they had in the dollar/deals section. A few minutes after that I ended up floating on down to the natural hair department. Before I knew it, I had a basket full of stuff that I never knew I needed. While I was doing my little assessment of “do I really need this stuff”, I decided that my moment of weakness would be the perfect of opportunity for a haul post. 

Here goes…

DIY planner

It didn’t dawn on me that my current planner goes until December until after I bought a DIY planner kit from the deal section. After some contemplation, I don’t think I’m going to use it for school as it just isn’t ideal for me. The notes pages have already been used for student org planning (vv exciting), but I think I’ll use the calendar pages for my MCAT study schedule; hopefully I won’t forget about it once next Summer rolls around.

DIY planner

I got some planner sheets to go along with the DIY planner, BUT they won’t fit in the pockets unless I fold them. Anyway, I’m making daily planning a part of my routine for Sophomore year as a way to get more out of the day. These were only $1 a pack!

natiral hair shea moisture

Amid the controversy surrounding one of Shea Moisture’s recent ads, I put some thought into whether I was ever going to buy their products or not. However, I have been really in need of some daily moisture products so I figured “what the heck” and caved in. I used the leave in conditioner once and have yet to use the treatment. I plan to do a hair update including the products that I’m currently using, so stay tuned for that.

Formula skin care

I also got this face mask and toner. I’ve finally got a handle on my breakouts so now I’m focusing on my hyper-pigmentation. The mask is a clear peel-off that smells like heaven and the toner gives a nice tingly sensation that makes you feel like it’s working. The toner does have a light fragrance that reminds me of baby wipes as opposed to this other toner I had that smelled kind of like alcohol.

thank you cards

I bought Thank You cards because I’m currently volunteering and if all goes well, I’ll soon be shadowing. I really just want to extend this kind gesture to the good people who have allowed me to been their space. These were also a steal at $1!

Target ceramic cup

Oh, yeah! There was also this ceramic cup that I bought for $3. Before, I only had one “hot” cup and since I used that one often I figured that I could go ahead and expand the collection a little.

Here’s some links to the products I bought that can be purchased online:

I’m gonna do my best to stay out of Target for the next few months, but I’m not making any promises!

Thanks for Reading!


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