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Sometimes when I’m studying, I like to use my breaks to think about why I’m working so hard. I’m going to be honest, sometimes the long nights don’t seem worth it because it’s like there’s no end in sight! That’s why I’m thankful for those who share pieces of their lives so I have places that I can turn to when I’m feeling discouraged and need a reminder that my goals are not impossible to accomplish.
It’s my hope that one day my blog will be a gold mine full of resources for premed students, but truth is, I’m really just getting started on this arduous journey. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to share some advice based on my own premed related experiences, but until then, here’s a round up of blogs/channels/websites that every premed student should have in their favorites. 


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  1. Taiylar Made: First up, one of my blogger friends who is also premed. Taiylar interviews Black female physicians, asking them insightful questions about the MCAT and medical school. I think it’s cool to see the variation in experiences and that there is truly no real “formula” to get into medical school.
  2. The Premed Life: This site features blog posts that are written by premed students. There’s a wide variety of topics, so there’s something for everyone.
  3. Medically Micah: Micah’s MCAT posts gave me some insight for when I start creating my own study plan. She also offers a different perspective on topics that are rarely talked about.
  4. Motivate MD: This site is almost like The Premed Life; it consists of posts written by students, sharing tips on how to get into medical school while still holding onto your peace of mind.
  5. Accepted: Here you’ll find GPA and MCAT stats of each medical school, application tips, and a few posts written by medical students based on their experiences.
  6. Blak Doc: This blog is ran by two incoming medical students and every time I visit, I learn something new about AMCAS, interviews, Secondaries, the list goes on. 

Lifestyle; all of these ladies do a great job of showing that having a life outside of medicine is totally doable:

  1. A Little Bit of Lacquer : Alright, I may/may not be sneaking this one in (she graduated a little while ago), but you saw this coming, lol! Laura is now a mom of three girls, a wife, and a derm resident. Her posts are like a breath of fresh air as they remind you that it is possible to have a life and go after your goals. Just go to the “Medicine” tab in the navigation bar and you’re on your way!
  2. Three Thousand Miles: Trisha Therese is a med student in LA and her blog is gorgeous. She covers a wide range of fun topics and her posts will definitely give you the pick me up you need to keep studying.


  1. TheBrittnyWay: I really appreciate Brittny’s vlogs because she takes the time to record, what seems like, every bit of her day lol. She has multiple “Day in the Life” videos and some dedicated to specific events at her school. I usually turn to these when I’m studying and no longer feel like I have anything to look forward too. 
  2. The Strive To Fit: Jamie is also someone who’s super fun to follow. She posts “Day in the Life” vlogs, Study Tips, and general life videos. She also has another channel that’s specific to studying; it’s like having a virtual study partner! 


These are to be used at your own risk. Sometimes you’ll learn something, other times you might leave feeling discouraged. I am guilty of scrolling through a few of the posts on these sites because I’m nosey *shrugs*. If the sites begin to stress you out, then close the tab. Positive vibes only!

  1. Student Doctor Network 
  2. MDapplicants

I hope you guys enjoyed this roundup of all of my favorite medicine related bloggers, happy reading!


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