Once you get to college, so many professional things are expected of you. Today, I'm sharing some tips to help you unleash your inner Girl Boss.

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Over the Summer, I was applying for jobs and looking into some enrichment programs and after a while I started feeling sorry for myself. These applications required so many things that I have never really thought about– cover letters, CVs (not resumes), the list goes on. When I saw these things, I was a bit intimidated, but I decided to tackle one thing at a time and I found that they’re not as daunting as I thought. Today, I’m sharing some links that helped me become a little more professional.


Keep a clean, updated resume:

It’s like everything you do once you hit college requires a resume; it’s a part of life, you’ll get used to it. I have found it easier to make sure I’m adding relevant professional development experiences, so I’m not rushing to fill everything in later on.

    1. The content in this link is basically “How to write a resume 101” READ IT!

Draft a Cover Letter:

We all know that resumes are important, but I was shook when I saw that this job position wanted a cover letter to accompany my resume. I never had to write one before! However, I did my googles and it seemed like I was writing a condensed personal statement.

  1. Read this if you want to see an example
  2. Here’s more of a comprehensive breakdown/frame
  3. Wondering why the resume isn’t enough? Read this

Add a signature to your email:

I use my school email to take care all of my “business”, so I never had to worry about making a professional email address. To add a little spunk though, I did make a signature.

  1. Here’s various examples of how to make your very own signature

Build a professional wardrobe:

Job fairs, interviews (for jobs and professional organizations), networking events, shadowing, volunteering– all these things call for business casual/professional attire. Yes, I know how expensive this can be, but starting small is probably the easiest way to go. Last year, I scored a $10 blazer and $20 slacks from H&M and $9 flats. That’s basically an entire outfit right there. With the addition of a few more items and a little mixing and matching, I built my own little professional wardrobe.

  1. A few tips on how to do it on a limited budget
  2. 4 pieces you should start with

Visit Career Services at your school!:

You can read as many blog posts and web pages as you want, but having that one-on-one time with an academic or career services advisor makes all the difference. If your school offers it, there’s a huge chance that your tuition is paying for it. So seize the opportunity and schedule an appointment with career services at your school! You can get help with creating your resume, cover letter, and interview skills.

Like I said, I was shook when I realized I had a lot of professional grooming to do. But, after making some small, but necessary changes, I feel a bit more confident. I really hope you all can use this as a resource and that I introduced you to some other helpful resources as well.



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