Y’all have to see the design of this building up close– so beautiful!!

A couple weeks ago, my good friends and I took a little trip to Washington D.C. Well, technically we rode out to Tyson’s Corner, but we spent most of our time in D.C. We visited Georgetown where we had lunch at Martin’s. The cool thing about this restaurant was that at each table, they had the names of Presidents that claimed those tables as their “favorite spot”. After lunch we headed to Georgetown University and tried to give ourselves a self guided tour, however we had no idea that it was their Homecoming. Everyone was walking around in their spirit gear and then there was us. I have never felt so out of place, but at least I wasn’t alone, right?

After our little tour, we took an Uber down to the NMHAAC (or as some people like to call it, the new Black History Museum). For those who are still waiting to go, it’s true, you cannot see the whole thing in one day. We started at the bottom of the museum which covers the history of slavery and we got all the way up to the overview of Black culture as we know it today. We didn’t get a chance to get to the actual culture part of the museum (I guess they call it the second tier of the museum), but we plan to go back soon. I think it took us almost 4 hours to see everything that we did get a chance to see. A good chunk of that time was spent standing in lines waiting to see the next thing or waiting to read captions. So yeah, the NMHAAC is still pretty crowded and I don’t see the attendance going down anytime soon.

After visiting the museum and learning how to navigate the metro, we were wiped, but we were also hungry. So, we headed to Tyson’s Corner, ate at Shake Shack, and did a little bit of shopping. Tyson’s mall was also very crowded, so I’m guessing that’s the norm up there. Anyway, after dinner, we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Well, not before we figured out where we were going for our next girls trip. We’re still in the works of figuring it out, but this one went so well, we’re already excited to do it all over again.

Most Memorable Moment:

I think the thing that stuck with me the most though was seeing Emmett Till’s casket. I remember thinking about how small it was, which really drove home the fact that Emmett Till was just a boy when he was murdered.

New Experiences:

  1. Taking the metro
  2. Visiting the NMHAAC
  3. Booking and checking into a hotel by myself
  4. Visiting Tyson’s Corner

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