“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”. — Maya Angelou

Despite the fate of our country, 2017 wasn’t all that bad. I had some new experiences, tried some new things, overcame some challenges, etc., etc., but I want to do more this year. That being said, the theme for my 2018 is growth. 

In order to grow, we must reflect and plan for a more fruitful future. Below, I’m briefly reminiscing on my 2017 and listing what I want to get out of 2018.

Good Things That Happened in 2017//

  1. Founded a student org with a few of my closest friends
  2. Got my 1st credit card
  3. Turned 20
  4. Took my first “grown up” trip with my friends
  5. Put myself “out there” (stepped out of my comfort zone in every facet of life)
  6. Got into the practice of journaling regularly
  7. Learned how to say “no” to things that would only be extra weight on my shoulders
  8. Rebranded my blog (& loving it)
  9. Got some clinical experience– one of the reasons why I’m eyeing a gap year

My best 9 IG photos. The irony of them being taken during one of the roughest times of my adult life…tuh

Goals for 2018//


  1. Make a 4.0 for once in my life– I’m wavering from my GPA goal; I got to get back on track ASAP
  2. Become more disciplined
  3. Start learning subjects for appreciation and not just a grade– it’s hard to remember this, especially in those darn prereqs


  1. Learn how to braid
  2. Impove money management
  3. Be more intentional about who and what I let into my space

Journey to MD

  1. Be accepted to an internship program
  2. Get more clinical volunteering hours
  3. Figure out gap year situation– sigh

Before starting anything new, I like to set goals because I tend to do better when I’m working towards something. I feel even better once those things I’m working for actually come to fruition, but if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. As we step into the new year, remember to work hard and have some patience with yourself. Lastly, in the words of Drake (my man), here’s to “more life, more everything” .

Happy New Year!

— AK


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