Now that I’m on Winter Break, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands which has resulted in nothing but naps, eating, binging shows, and online (window) shopping. Now the online shopping doesn’t really help my intentions of saving my coins , but I just could not resist. However, I figured if I blogged my way through the urges to make impulse purchases then they’d go away. We’ll see what happens, but for now, enjoy my findings and hope that I don’t give in.


While I don’t consider myself to be a sneaker head, I do love a myself a nice tennis shoe. Most of the sneakers I own are black, so if I do end up getting another pair, I would want something with some color.

Bewts (boots)//

I know I said I’m not going to trying not to buy any of these shoes, but I do need an ankle boot for my dressy winter outfits. My tall boots look a little silly with some of my dresses, I’m just saying.

I do love the look of Over The Knee (OTK) boots, but I’m not sure if they’ll love me because… well, I’m short. Also, most of them come with a heel and the way that the sidewalks at my school are set up, I’m a little scared to wear heels on campus. Nonetheless, these are really cute *shrugs*


I have a couple of go-to pairs of flats that I wear on my “I’m feeling a little lazy, but I have to dress up because of work” days, but you can never have many pairs of flats.


I purposefully put this category last so I could feel better about myself because there is no way I’m buying heels jsut so I can trip and bust my face. Like I said earlier, my school’s sidewalks are soooo bad. I do keep about 3 pairs of heels on hand just in case, but I have yet to wear them anywhere on campus. I mean, I could get away with a low block heel, but other than that, this next category is for lusting purposes only.


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