I’ve been eyeing Boxed for a while, but I wasn’t always sure that I needed to buy in bulk. I mean, it’s just me, myself, and I, so why do I need all that food? Then I realized that I didn’t renew my meal plan for the semester, so now I have no choice but to buy groceries. When making my grocery list, I noticed that there are certain foods (mostly snacks) that I like where I could possibly save money buying them in bulk since I purchase them so much. So I placed my order with Boxed and I’m completely satisfied with my experience.

They sent this nice note too

How was the shipping process?

I placed the order on 1/15 and recieved the order on 1/18, and this is with standard shipping. Also, shipping was free for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I spent a certain amount or if it was because this was my first Boxed order.

What’d you get?

I got:

  • Oatmeal (variety)
  • Pretzels (variety)
  • Fruit cups
  • Mac and Cheese cups
  • Annnnd…. Lady products. It’s worth noting that there’s no pink tax!!

I bought things that I would normally buy on the regular, so buying in bulk just means that there’s a big chance that I’ll always have them on hand.

How much did you actually save?

According to the receipt from my package, I saved roughly ~22 dollars! It seems like the prices often change because online it says that I saved ~$16. I’m thinking that maybe that would be my savings if I were to place the same order today, idk.

Would you order again?’

Yes! Although, I wouldn’t get the same amount of stuff. I had to carry that 23 Ib. box up to my room and my arms felt like noodles shortly after.

Sign me up!

If you order using my link (https://www.boxed.com/invite/M951C), you can get $15 off your first order of at least $60!


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