First day flicks

When I looked at all of my syllabi for the semester, I cringed. One of my SOCY classes requires that I write a weekly 750 word blog post (shouldn’t be too hard, right?), I have a quiz in Physics every time we meet, and this is all I know for now. Thanks to the snow, I have been able to take an extra breather as a lot of my classes have been cancelled. It’s not gonna last long though; my professor’s are already warning us of the jam-packed lectures ahead. So I’m really trying to soak in all the free/flexible time while I can because it’s about to get real over here.

AK Study Break: Starting Spring '18

The snow + the wind chill was entirely too much


  • I went to my first college basketball game! I liked the spirit, but it just sucks that we lost to one of our rivals… on our home court! Oh, let’s not forget that we walked in freezing temps to even get to that game. Hopefully, next time we make it out with a W, but other than that, I had fun spending time with my friends.
  • I actually did a good job with my grocery shopping this week.
    • I made my grocery list and went and got what I needed. I decided to have a faux-Chipotle chicken bowl for dinner this week and it’s actually pretty good. Don’t worry, I made sure to get some healthy snacks as well.
  • After like a month, I finally returned to work. Thankfully, I didn’t have a hard time getting back in the swing of things, and I’m glad to be back and making money.
  • I got back on IG. I’m not sure if anyone other than my friends (whom I share a groupchat with #onthere) noticed, but I deactivated my account. It was making my head cloudy and everything was starting to seem so performative and…and…and… it was time for me to start over. I’m not gonna lie, it feels nice to have purged all of my ex-middle school friends. Oh, and don’t get me started on those spam accounts… my god. But yeah, I’m back on IG. Follow me here, I’m pretty fun.
  • I made a seperate bank account meant purely for savings. I’ve been getting really serious about saving, especially since I’m thinking about taking a gap year(s). If I end up taking 2 gap years (my personal max.), one of those years I will not be working, just applying to med school. As most of us know, the app. process is expensive af, so every cent is gonna count! I can’t wait to see my savings multiply and honestly, I’m so proud of myself for taking this step.
  • I got new glasses!
    • I’ve gone at least a year without my specs, mostly because I could still see (or at least I thought so anyway). While we were in the doctor’s office, we were able to see the “actual” price of my glasses (frame, lens, everything).  I thought of those who aren’t able to afford health insurance, and thought of how, one day, I’ll be able to assist in making things like eye exams more accessible to everyone.

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