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Movie Night

Now that I’ve had the chance to experience Spring semester twice, it’s safe to say that it’s so much harder than the Fall. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s shorter and professors are trying to fit everything in, or if it’s because of the Winter blues. Either way, I’ve been more tired than usual and unmotivated when it comes to just about anything. I’ve been intentional about #selfcare, but I think I found that perfect balance of getting everything done and knowing when to call it quits. Thank God for the flexibility of my courses because I’m sure that if I were in Orgo this semester I would be an emotional (maybe even a physical) mess. The last time I did one of these posts, I hadn’t had all of my courses yet, but now that I have, I can already tell that Physics is gonna be a doozy. Not that I understood anything the first time I took it (waaaay back in HS), but I’m incredibly lost in that course. Like, nothing makes logical sense. It’s a bit discouraging because I’m gonna have to know some Physics for MCAT prep! I even thought about buying an MCAT book (since my professor is an MCAT instructor anyway) to help me follow along. Thankfully, I’m not the only one struggling in that class and I have classmates that can serve as study buddies and an emotional support group.

Outside of school, I pretty much used the weekend to catch up on sleep and my TV shows.  I have no intentions of watching the Superbowl because 1) I don’t care for sports, 2) the commercials aren’t really that great anymore and 3) No one I care about is performing at Halftime #sorrynotsorry. I did get some “housework” done and other little tasks that I had put off last week. I’m hoping that this week, I’ll have a little more energy and a lot more self-control over my spending.

I impulsively bought this hot chocolate because the walk home was frigiiiiiddd!

Favorite Moment(s) of the Week:

  • Meeting with other orgs that are just as invested in seeing S&S prosper as we are
  • Going to the movies with my friends
  • I went to my first rush event– I decided to not finish the job because I was accepted into another org and I don’t want to overwhelm myself
  • Oh, I had to actually buy a wallet this week. That was fun… NOT! I had absolutely no intentions of buying a wallet because I love the convenience of those sticky things that you place on the back of your phone. The shipping cost more than the actual wallet, might I add, but alas.

Song of the Week:

“Broken Clocks” by SZA– after hearing her sing it on the Grammy’s (she was snubbed big time btw), I decided to revisit it.

Goals of the Week:

  • Make it through this week’s “This is Us” episode without crying — not gonna happen, but I’m always up for a challenge
  • No impulse visits to Panera
  • No impulse stops for Starbucks’ hot chocolate
  • Continue using to-do lists to actually get things done
  • Stick to my daily routine

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