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The school year has been over for a few weeks now but still, still, I feel like I have due dates and exams coming up. I’ve been trying to get myself to chill, but that’s been hard because I’ve got to back into grind mode very soon. I know a while back I mentioned a few of the plans that I had for this Summer, and just like last time none of those things are happening lol. In fact, my life is so much different now than it was a couple of months ago. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you probably noted a few of the changes. There are also some updates that I haven’t shared yet, so, here goes:

  • I got a man (started in the DMs now we here)
  • I went to Disney and Universal for the first time (also flew on a plane for the first time)
  • For a pre-med student,  I have a broad range of interests (I’ve had lots of mini-rants about the amount of reading of done this school year)
  • & I’m about to be somebody’s teacher for a few weeks (– very new info.)

I originally wanted to intern somewhere but things didn’t go as planned (it was a huge disappointment at the time). When that fell through I figured I’d shadow a couple of doctors BUT I was presented with new opportunities. I think, if anything,  this speaks to the phrase that everything happens for a reason.  For a while, I was getting rejected left and right which led me to start thinking that *maybe* I’m not really all that as a student. I started questioning my abilities and all of the things I’ve accomplished so far. It was hard watching people flourish while I struggled. But again, everything happens for a reason. Had I have gone away for the Summer, I wouldn’t have been able to take on the new challenge of teaching. I’m most nervous about being able to teach my kids something. We all have had those teachers that teach, but we don’t necessarily learn anything– I don’t want to be the one, especially since my job is to get them ready for the next school year. I’m little scared of the late nights and early mornings, creating crappy lessons, and liking teaching more than I like medicine.

Celebration | My girls got into their dream programs

On top of this, I have to prepare my student org. for the next year too. That means coming up with GBM topics, reaching out to potential speakers, and determining the events we’re gonna have (at least for the Fall semester anyway). I pretty much want everything to be set because I have to focus more on school next year (I’m taking Orgo and Physics in one semester looooollll). Even then, I know with all of this planning there’s still going to be stuff that’ll come from out of nowhere, but I’m really trying to get to space where I’m truly comfortable with saying no. We were so focused on getting our name out there that after a while we were pouring into so many things and forgot to create something to truly call our own. So I guess my goal as President next year is to get us to a more focused, confident space. We’re really gonna have to make this year count because it’s my last year serving as the #bosslady and I want to make sure that S&S is something that another group of ladies would want to inherit.

Anyway, I’m really gonna have to prioritize this Summer for the sake of my future self. I still plan to make time for fun (I’m going to see Beyoncé in July!), but until then, I’m preparing myself for tons of productivity and possibly some discomfort lol.

Enough of my rambling. I’m just really excited to have my life back, even if it’s only for a little while.


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