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So we have about 3 more weeks before school starts. I’m ready, but I’m not, you know? I’ve been doing a mix of being lazy while it’s still acceptable and doing small things get myself motivated to hit the books. These small things make me feel like I’m getting my life together, slowly but surely. If you worked over the Summer, getting motivated for the semester may be hard, but you got to do what you got to do, right? Today, I’m sharing a few of the tasks I’ve been doing, hoping that they could be of some help to you.

Getting into the Groove of Productivity

Copy your class schedule into your planner/calendar

  • By doing this, I was able to see what kind of time I have to work, study, eat, etc. I didn’t worry about actually writing these things into my schedule because things change.

Set some kind of goal that’s to be accomplished before the start of the semester

  • My goal was to finish some books. I didn’t set a number of books to finish reading just because I was teaching at the time and I didn’t know how much time I could dedicate to this. I did manage to get through two books: When They Call You a Terrorist:… and Becoming Ms. Burton:… After finishing these, I feel like I will be ready to tackle those assigned readings once the school year finally starts. Will I really be ready? Only time will tell. The point is, I started something, dedicated time to that thing, and finally got it done.

Make a to-do list and actually get through it

  • This is easy to do if you have some sort of hobby, such as… blogging. If not, it can easily be something as simple as cleaning your room, walking the dog, etc. Get yourself in the habit of having something to do!

And then, of course…

  • Go school shopping! Buying school supplies give me that feeling of “oh, this is really happening”, especially when I buy my planner for the year. I feel like I have my life in order, and I savor the feeling because it definitely doesn’t last.
  • Continue to enjoy your break! Savor every minute of it too.


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