Beyonce and Jay Z

I finally got to see Beyoncé! After years of admiring her work, I was fortunate enough to witness it for myself. That is until things started to go left. When my friend and I bought the tickets, we figured the concert would be over well before 11 PM, so we went ahead and decided that we’d take the Megabus to get there. Girl, what a terrible mistake that was. The stadium was about 25 minutes from the Union Station and being that Bey and Jay didn’t get on stage until about 8:45, we had to leave the show early. It was my first Beyoncé concert and I couldn’t see the whole thing through– terrible. At the time we left, we thought we had more than enough time to get to the bus station– wrong! The Lyft driver couldn’t meet us in the parking lot of the stadium, so we had to walk about a mile up the road to meet him. BUT, we were waiting for him for at least 10 minutes before we learned this. That 10-minute wait was incredibly valuable because we ended up missing our bus by about that much! So there we were, stuck in DC and we missed about 20 minutes of the OTRII show. So much for trying to minimize chaos; next time, we are definitely driving. Anyway, from what I did get to see, I was able to confirm that Beyoncé is an amazing performer and vocalist. It’s strange because now she feels more human? From the amount of energy she gave us, it’s obvious that Bey works hard. She has a work ethic that definitely wasn’t built in a day which is something I need to remember whenever I’m having a rough time with school or work.

Take Aways

  • Jay-Z is actually funny
  • Bey and Jay are madly in love with each other
  • The production was top notch
  • I need to get seated tickets next time
    • standing tickets are for the birds because there’s no way to make sure that people are actually standing in their spots, plus I’m short
  • Seeing Beyoncé live is a totally different experience from watching on TV, social media, etc.
  • Beyoncé prices are totally worth it– I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care
Shoutout to my girl's parents for saving us from the bus station!

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