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I’m not gonna lie, 2018 has been long as hell. It’s been a good year though. In this post, I’m highlighting some of my favorite moments of the year. I hope that you choose to reflect on the good things of 2018 as well. If I don’t post anything on here before then, Happy New Year!!


  • Seeing Yvonne Orji and Jay Ellis in person (Link)
  • Sending my little sister off to prom
  • Finding love (Link)
  • Seeing 2 of my best friends get accepted into their dream schools
  • Visiting Disney World and Universal Studios for the first time (Link)
  • Seeing Beyoncé live!! (Link)
  • My 21st birthday party (Link)
  • Thanksgiving
    • My mac and cheese was a hit
    • I got to see just how loving my bf’s family is
thanksgiving 2018

Our first Thanksgiving together


  • Passing Orgo I (Link)
  • Finding a job where I feel like I belong (Link— read closer to the end)
  • Teaching 7/8th grade Language Arts over the Summer– still the hardest thing I’ve done (Link)
  • Acing Physics I and II
  • The mini-birthday party my job threw for me (Link)

Saturday Work Days

Goals for 2019

2019 is already looking like it’s going to be a huge year for me. I take Orgo II which is the last medical school prereq that I have to take!! Upon graduation (2020), I’m planning to do a masters program, so I have to start working on the application for that. As far as life stuff, we’re going on a cruise in May! I’m so excited as this will be my first time out of the country. I’m also getting an apartment in August. There’s been a lot of pinning and window online-shopping over here. I’m hoping to blog more consistently as well, but you never know with school. I just want 2019 to know that this year is mine!

For whoever’s reading this, I wish nothing but health and prosperity for you. Happy New Year!


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