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I was able to get some reading done before the semester starts and I ran across some pretty interesting articles.


5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony by Michelle Brandstetter

I found this one on my Pinterest feed. It lists so many great apps for people living in shared spaces. I made sure I saved it to my “apartment” board so I can refer to it later.

What Millennial Parents are getting right with their jet fighter parenting style by Kevyn Burger

Many of us have heard of the term “helicopter parenting”, this article highlights a parenting style that is completely opposite. The parents featured in this piece talk about how they allow their kids to really grow into their own people.

Dear derms: Why is My Skin Clearer When I use zero products by Zoe Weiner

There has been a point where I thought “less is more” when it came to skincare. Then, my skin started to act up which led to me adding another step to my regimen. As soon as I thought I got it under control, I would have another breakout, putting me back at square one. This article does a great job of explaining how important it is to find the right products for our skin.


Does Major Matter? from The Rish Life

Worried that you chose the wrong major? I found this piece to be really insightful.


How This Instagram Influencer Made More Than $4 Million in Sales– In Just One Day by Alix Langone

I love reading articles about how influencers got their start. This one talks about how one influencer used her platform to grow a lucrative business.



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