Asherah aka Ash.

The Adoption

If you follow me on IG you know that my significant other and I have adopted a dog. We’ve been talking about it for a while, although I will say, we didn’t plan for it to happen so soon. I was at work on Thursday when my boyfriend sent me a link to the adoption profile of this other cute dog. This dog happened to be in Tennesse and the adoption fee was through the roof. Needless to say, we had to let that one go.

Thanks to him sending me that link, I ended up getting puppy fever. Before I knew it, I spent the rest of the day reading adoption profiles. I stumbled across this very cute puppy (not Asherah) and immediately filled out an application. We couldn’t have him either because he was potentially a Rottie mix. If you rent an apartment, you already know that this breed is prohibited from most places. So there we were, back at square one.

I refused to give up on us finding our perfect dog. I continued to look through adoption profiles until I stumbled upon Asherah’s. She didn’t have a picture at the time, but her size and age were pretty much what we were looking for. I told my boyfriend about her and he suggested that we just go to the adoption shelter to see her. As I was prepping for bed that night, I pulled up the adoption shelter’s Facebook page. Thursday happened to be picture day for a few of the new dogs– Asherah was one of them. As soon as I saw her big, beautiful brown eyes I knew she had to be ours.

The wall mirror was the main attraction for her haha

The Adjustment

We spent about 10 minutes with her on Friday which pretty much confirmed that she would be our dog. She’s so mellow and observant. Right now, we’re trying to put her on a schedule. It’s been a little difficult as she’s still recovering from being spayed. That said, she’s not interested in any walks and she’s been doing a lot of resting. I think she’ll do really well while we’re at school/work as she doesn’t mind being in a crate. Anyway, I look forward to what our future holds with Asherah aka Ash. I hope you all look forward to all of the pictures/videos you have coming your way lol.


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