I remember on my very first day of college I pretty much packed my whole life into my backpack. Looking back, I really was a mess. I had a 5 subject notebook, a huge planner, a pencil pouch, a laptop, and some other stuff I didn’t need. Thankfully, I’ve gotten pretty good at only packing the necessities. For today’s post, I wanted to share what I typically carry in my bag.


MacBook Air

I carry my laptop everywhere. Mostly because I need it for my job which I normally go to right after classes. I’m also taking two online classes this semester, so it’s nice to have it on hand when I have time to get some work done.


I traded my iPad mini for an iPad Air 2 simply because I preferred the larger size for reading. Whenever I leave my laptop at my dorm, I grab my iPad just in case.


I grab my computer and phone chargers when I know I’m about to have a long day. They also end up in my bag whenever I’m too lazy to charge them the night before.


5-Subject Notebook

This has all of my notes in it– all of them. That said, I carry my notebook every day.

Pencil Pouch

It’s a small pouch that carries about 3 pencils, a couple of pens and markers. I also keep a mini stapler in there.

Post-it Notes

I keep these for jotting down quick notes or page numbers.


I use my planner for keeping up with due dates and making sure I’m aware of upcoming test dates.

Other Stuff


I have to have these to get into my dorm. My keys also have my AirPod case on them, so that’s another reason why I keep them close.

All Purpose Pouch

I honestly don’t even know what else to call this. It holds my hand lotion, tissues, hand sanitizer, and chapstick. It’s the main reason why I’m not ashy during the day.



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