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I’m finally on Spring break! I’m planning to draft some blog posts, study/read, and catch up with my family. Today’s post is a short one. I’m just sharing some links to a few things I’ve run across on the internet.


House Update: Sharing Our 4 Room Designs Created By Our Interior Designer from Just a Tina Bit

My S/O and I are moving into our place in August, so I’ve been decorating via Pinterest. That’s how I discovered Tina’s house update post. I love the gold accents of the furniture. Our place is going to be much smaller than hers, but I’ll still be drawing inspiration from her decor.


Why Doctors are Worried About the Apple Watch EKG by Angela Chen

I remember when I got a notification on my Apple Watch that said that my heart rate was sky high. It was right before an Orgo exam, so I didn’t think too much of it. However, there are people that have found this feature to be useful. This article discusses the feature from a physician’s perspective.


11 Incredible Kate Spade Look Alike Bags (That Won’t Break Your Budget!) by Maria Julia

I’ve always wanted a Kate Spade bag– they’re so gorgeous! But I just can’t justify the price, especially with my budget. Maria’s post lists some beautiful Kate Spade bags, along with their super affordable dupes.


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