Hi, hello! My name is Andacia (and-uh-see-ya) and welcome to my blog. I’m a student at one of the largest schools in the city, studying Sociology in hopes of one day becoming a doctor. I’m passionate about social justice, mentorship, and Beyoncé. When I’m not planning out my life on Pinterest, I’m either studying, thinking about my next move in this crazy premed life, or acting as the President of Sisters and Stethoscopes.

I started this blog during my senior year of high school, simply because I knew that the road ahead wasn’t going to be an easy one and in order to sustain, I was gonna need some type of “getaway”. Ultimately, I wanted to document my Journey to Medicine, so that those coming behind me (and climbing with me) would be able to see how far I’ve come and how the quest to becoming a part of the “2%” isn’t always peaches and cream. When revisiting my goals for this creative outlet of mine, I decided to change the name from “Andacia Kay” to “For the Determined”. I’m not exactly what you call a perfect student, but with hard work, grit, and a little grace, I aim to come pretty darn close. Through this blog, you will see the highs, the lows, and the sweet little moments in between.





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