February has already been a huge month for me mainly for three reasons: It’s Black History Month, I successfully declared my major, and I have discovered some great new music. Now, these things may not be a huge deal to most people but allow me to further explain. I am Black, apologetically. Therefore, I LOVE Black History Month. Although it’d be great if we did this year round, it’s a great time to reflect on the sacrifices our ancestors made…


#Goals: How to Set Goals

Hi There! I hope you all have been keeping warm as the “snowpocalypse” runs its course. Anyway, I’m writing this post to encourage you all to set your eyes among the hills and go for your biggest dreams.  How does one do that, you ask? Well, here goes…. Identify Your Long Term Goals Your dream job, your dream college, your dream c– well you get the picture. As for myself, I want to be a doctor and study Biochemistry in…


Hello Everyone!

My name is Andacia and I am a senior in high school. I am about to undergo one of the most life changing experiences there is — college. I’m only 18, but I have come to the swift realization that life is a learning experience and I want to share the wealth. I plan to share some of the most momentous happenings of my life (highlight reels), my interests, and….the evolution of my bucket list. Thanks for reading and I…


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