Journey to Medicine

One of the reasons I started this blog was to document my journey to medicine, from high school to college and hopefully through medical school and so on and so forth. I want people to be able to see themselves when they’re reading my posts. This journey is long and hard, and I’m hoping that in each one of these articles, you can see that you are not alone. For your convenience, I have broken down the posts by education level, and I hope that you find to be helpful.

High School

I was a Senior here– the year I decided to start my blog.

Just a Little Testimony

My acceptance into VCU’s Acceleration program made the beginning of my premed journey feel more and more real.


Here, I’m reflecting on my Acceleration experience, and talking about what the word “sacrifice” has become to me.


Written During My First Year //At this point, I was learning how to navigate college, and how to be out on my own as a fully functioning adult.

I Changed My Major

Here, I briefly share why I changed my major from Biology to Sociology.

NAMME Conference 2016

In this post, I’m discussing my first conference experience. This is the day I met Dr. Karen Morris-Priester, who became my first doctor-idol if you will.

Life Update & Mental Health

Here, I speak about my struggle with mental health, and how important it is to protect it at all costs. This post truly speaks to how serious overwhelm can be.

Journey to Medicine: Inspiration

I shared the people who I found to be inspiring. If you’re looking for a quick dose of motivation, check this out.

First Year Reflections & Summer Plans

Here, I’m reflecting on the successes and failures of my first year of college.

Written During My Second Year // The year is the year that I decided that I would take (a) gap year(s). I truly grew into my own this year.

A Pre-Med Gift Guide

Because who doesn’t love gifts?!

How To Get Shadowing Experience

After having trouble with the process, and finally stumbling upon some grace, I decided to share some tips on how to get shadowing experience.

That Time I Shadowed a Psychiatrist

I reflected on my own shadowing experience with a Psychiatrist.

Follow Friday: Premed Edition

Another round-up of people you should be following as a pre-med student.

I’m Premed, But Not A STEM Major Though

I talk more about how I ended up majoring in Sociology, and why picking a non-STEM major as a pre-med student isn’t taking the easy way out.

Deciding on a Gap Year

In this post, I talk in-depth about how I decided to take a gap year (maybe 2). I suggest you read this if you’re thinking about doing the same.

New Challenges

Here, I speak more about my initial thoughts about becoming a teacher. It’s relevant to my Journey to MD because I once thought about taking a gap year to teach. Check out this post to see what ended up happening with that.

Written During  My Third Year // The year I started studying for the MCAT.

MCAT Chronicles: The Diagnostic Exam

In this post, I talk abouy my experience with Kaplan’s diagnostic exam and how I plan to study for the MCAT.

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