Boss Lady Things: The Work Bag

“Do I look professional enough?” “Should I go with these shoes for a pop of color or should I stick with the black flats?”  Or more recently, “I think I’m getting too old to be carrying around a backpack” Around this time last year I didn’t really care about this stuff, but I do now and I’m attributing it all to adulthood. I ended up giving in to my thoughts and purchased, what I believe to be, the Beyoncè of bookbags–…


Boss Lady Things: Small Changes You Can Make To Be More Professional

Over the Summer, I was applying for jobs and looking into some enrichment programs and after a while I started feeling sorry for myself. These applications required so many things that I have never really thought about– cover letters, CVs (not resumes), the list goes on. When I saw these things, I was a bit intimidated, but I decided to tackle one thing at a time and I found that they’re not as daunting as I thought. Today, I’m sharing…


Boss Lady Things: Creating a Vision Board

  “I’ve learned that you have to be prepared. And when you visualize something, you have to commit and put in the work.” — Beyonce A few weeks ago, I decided to go back and watch some of Beyonce’s earlier performances and ended up coming across her very first solo concert (thanks, YouTube). This concert made me realize how much of a Boss Lady Beyonce really is. One thing that stuck out to me was how far she has come.…


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